Tools of the trade

I use a wide arrange of both physical and digital tools:  including but not limited to: Paper, Pen & Paint Photocamera, Adobe Photoshop & illustrator, & lightroom Digital-pad with pen, Mobile apps: glitch lab and Python/Javascript Processing languages to perform algorithms involving randomness(perlin noise), pathfinding, pixel sorting, contour detection and more.

For a look behind the scenes and some examples just head over to my blog, my social media.

Further Links to interesting tools: i can recommend. Useful Apps:



– filterforge – filters

 riot-optimizer – fast image file size optimizer


– online jpg-glitch/ – glitch art

– – p5js – generative art 

– – rendering 3d obj/glb on a website


– artflow (photoshop paint on Android)

– glitchlab (glitch on Android)


– Procreate (photoshop paint on iOS)

– Nomad3d (3d software)