FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are you you a full time artist/photographer?

My main profession is in industrial engineering (Supply chain, Digital, IT systems, Production & Change/Transformation management) at a large corporation in the materials/chemicals space. Arts are a passion of mine which allow me to balance the data/precision based workspace I operate in. Ultimately I aim to combine all my digital skills.


Q: What are your main artistic inspirations?

A: I am both influenced by the classics as well as contemporary artists from all kind of different fields, I guess this is why I feel most at home in the digital mixed media domain.

If I had to single out a couple of artist which I admire the most probably would be Cy Twombly and Gerhard Richter (an Art OG of VUCA) ! For a a current list of artists I enjoy please refer to a (quite) comprehensive list in the resources page.


Q: What are your artwork prices ? Where are the works listed?

The pricing of my artwork depends on whether the work is part of a physical print series or digital limited edition – and which size/quality/resolution is chosen OR if the work is a unique specimen. For an updated pricing catalogue check the link. For further sales and market prices check my online shop and the various online marketplaces.

If you like a picture you can check by the code unique picture code placed in the text underneath if the picture is still available (if the code is red the picture is sold out).


Q: What are your thoughts on digitalization ?

on a daily basis, I work on many different aspects of digital transformation be it in my engineering profession where data collection and use is ever more integrated in the business process, or as an artist using digital tools and methods to create something new.
The challenge is never to lose sight of the end-user/end-goal, even this means simplifying and or including less automated processes.

As a digital landscape IMHO, Europe is still lagging behind places such as Silicon Valley, or Asia – it is our generation responsibility to change this, all whilst keeping the EU principles/cultural aims in mind.


Q: What is your artistic approach in your works?

For a full artist manifesto/explanation please check out the the page about my art.


Q: What tools do you use, how do you create your pictures?

I use a wide arrange of both physical and digital tools: 

including but not limited to: Paper, Pen & Paint Photocamera, Adobe Photoshop & illustrator, & lightroom Digital-pad with pen, Mobile apps: glitch lab and Python/Javascript Processing languages to perform algorithms involving randomness(perlin noise), pathfinding, pixel sorting, contour detection and more.

For a look behind the scenes and some examples just head over to my blog, my social media, or head over to my tools page.


Q: What is Art, anyway?

Foremost, to quote Swedish Artist and Writer  E. Billgren: “[Art] is way of thinking”.

Furthermore, Art like other forms of expression is an opportunity for me to communicate, present my thoughts and hopefully enter a creative discussion with public and participants on the world and the changes we live through.


Q: What are the definitions of Mixed Media, Photo-compositions and other terms and acronyms you use on the this site?

A: for a quick overview on the main terms used on this site, please refer to the glossary section of this website.